Care of Your New American Craftsmanship Furniture

Robert wanted to leave this page blank---since our furniture requires so little maintenance.  Darcey wasn't sure anyone would get his humor.

Our fine finish is a specially developed conversion varnish. It provides a high-quality, low maintenance, natural finish. It will outlast any other if properly cared for.

Keep furniture as dust free as possible, because dust is any finishes worst enemy. Use a clean, dry or slightly dampened dust cloth on flat surfaces.  For pegs, tenons, and any other hard-to-get-into spaces, we recommend a boar's head bristle paintbrush. 

If you feel you must add something to your dust cloth or paintbrush, we suggest lemon oil or Endust. Neither is required, as the finish will stay beautiful using a clean, dry dust cloth.

Ideal humidity is 50% maximum.

For cherry or mahogany furniture, we suggest a curing period of 6 months, as these natural woods will slowly darken to a rich warm color.  Anything placed on top of the furniture for those six months should be there only temporarily, so the woods will mellow evenly.

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