Delicate Flower Tea Table

My impressions while designing this little table. Imagine a cubist's idea of a flower, but also I see a ballerina skipping with hands fluttering, bowed over, her palms out. I was looking for the opposite of my shaker tables, throwing away the utilitarian sterility. I wanted a more delicate table, one with all curves, one with a more classical feel.

We offer these tables in cherry with an eliptical square 15-inch flipped top with curved side rails of a very decorative ropey cherry, ending in a gentle tapered leg that has a sway that softly meets the floor. The 24-inch high table makes a great little end table, a tea table between two chairs in a great room, as a nightstand, lamp table and even speaker stands. The 34-inch high is a great place to catch the keys, mail, hat or bag in a foyer, hallway or at the end of a hall. The 40-inch high table is great for filling that dead corner behind the sectional sofa, where you can elevate that vase, lamp or other collectable. Addtionally this height variation gives depth and shape to a room.


We will ship FedEx for $30.00 anywhere in the USA within a week of your placing this order. Availability changes as orders are placed. We have matching accent tables that go with this design.

  • Delicate Flower Small in Cherry
  • 14.5" wide by 14.5" deep, 24" high
  • Price $575.00

  • Delicate Flower Medium in Cherry
  • 14.5" wide by 14.5" deep, 34" high
  • Price $600.00

  • Delicate Flower Tall in Cherry
  • 14.5" wide by 14.5" deep, 40" high
  • Price $625.00

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