Kitchen Table and Tashmoo Chairs

These pieces are so fresh they haven't even gotten out of the finishing room yet (notice the picture you clicked on was a walnut table). Lets face it the kitchen is the family social center and the kitchen table is the cross roads of that center where every thing meets, collects, confronts, erupts, concludes... Next time your at your mothers go in the kitchen and look at that table see what comes to mind. Need I say more?

This table and chairs have been made with that in mind and will meet the challenge handly.

The table and chairs I have now were made as a set but will glad to sell one or all. If your not too far from Mass, I can get them to you before chirstmas. If it is after christmas call me up and tell me to update this page.


We would use our white glove service call us for a rate and logistics. You are also always welcome to come to the studio for pickup.

  • Round Top Kitchen Table in Cherry
  • 48" round, 30" high
  • Price $2500.00

  • Tashmoo Laddeback Chair in Cherry
  • 17.5" wide by 17.5" deep, 38" high
  • 17" seat height
  • Price $800.00 each

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