Oval Coffee Table

Like the Demi Lune the Oval Coffee is inspired from the federal period with the simpicity of shaker thrown in. This piece has a very ropy figured rail accented with a ebony bead to frame it in. There is a storie on how this piece came to be the sister of this table is truely a twin I had this one long and wide board of cherry that was just long enough to get two tops out of, so you see it was beyond me. I find things go better not to mess with the powers that be what ever they maybe.

I thought I'd add some complimentary pieces. Others have gotten them also with the coffee table, that and I only had one picture of the coffee table.

Just like my other furniture, these tables have my conversion varnish finish that looks like an oil finish but is tougher than any of the lacquer or polyurethanes. The only up keep I suggest is dusting and if you have a plant on it have an air space between the pot and the top.


We would use our white glove service also I have shipped these motorfreight call us for a rate and logistics. You are also always welcome to come to the studio for pickup.

  • Oval Coffee in Cherry
  • 42" wide by 26" deep, 19" high
  • Price $1800.00

  • Delicate Flower Small in Cherry
  • 14.5" wide by 14.5" deep, 24" high
  • Price $575.00

  • Demi Lune Table in cherry
  • 36" wide by 16" deep, 32" high
  • Price $1100.00

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